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Warehouse Flat Roof Refurbishment Materials

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A warehouse holds expensive materials; therefore, damage to the roof put stored commodities at risk. Although most commercial flat roofs are designed to last decades, poor maintenance shortens their lifespan significantly. The good news is that you can rely on the services of roofers to repair a damaged warehouse roof. However, professional roofers use different materials to refurbish commercial flat roofs. Therefore, roofers present various options to clients, some of which are highlighted in this article.

Built-Up Roofing (BUR) 

The most popular roofing material that professional roofers propose to commercial facility managers is built-up roofing. Notably, refurbishing a flat roof does not come cheap, mainly if damages cover a large area. In this regard, built-up roofing is the most cost-effective option if you want to save money and still achieve quality results. Besides, built-up roofing comprises several layers, giving it unmatched insulation properties. In addition to being functional, BUR is also beautiful, thanks to its aesthetically pleasing gravel topcoat. That said, roofers must assess the extent of wear on a flat roof and reinforce loose joists to ensure they can support BUR's weight. Also, the area directly below a refurbishment spot should be cleared during the repair process.

Single-Ply EPDM 

Another common roofing material that roofers use for refurbishment is single-ply EPDM. Also known as single-ply rubber roofing, EPDM is made from a rubber compound, making it the perfect choice for flat roofs. Although it consists of a single layer of rubber, EPDM boasts of a respectable life expectancy and lasts several decades with proper care. That said, roofers must ensure that a work area is ready before applying rubber roofing. A strong adhesive is also crucial since it ensures the rubber material bonds tight to a roof. Most importantly, it eliminates the chances of gaps around the edges where water or moisture can easily accumulate.

Roof Coating 

Professional roofers agree that a roof coating system is the best material for commercial refurbishments. Applying roof coating on a worn-out spot delays roof replacement by several years, adding a significant amount of service life to a roof. Notably, roof coatings are waterproof because they completely seal cracks on a roof. Roof coatings also stand up well to the elements, whether rain, snow or hail. Compared to other refurbishing roof materials, a roof coating is the easiest to apply in terms of cost, time and labour. One or two roofers can effectively refurbish a huge warehouse flat roof within a short time; therefore, you don't have to stop operations during repairs.

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